Cooperation with UNESCO



The UNESCO UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) program is a program of UNESCO that was established in 1992 by UNESCO in cooperation with universities in developing countries to support university education and research institutions in developing countries to reduce the knowledge gap between countries, thus strengthening the self-sustainable ability of the developing countries.

Cooperation with OECD

OECD Memorandum of Agreement for Internship Program


Handong Global University is the first Korean university to dispatch interns to the OECD headquarters in Paris, France. The OECD internship is a program operated through OECD and official agreements, giving students the opportunity to be an intern at the OECD headquarters in Paris, France. The interns will be able to work in highly specialized teams and multicultural working environments in various departments such as the Information Technology and Network Services (ITN) in the OECD. Since the signing of the agreement in September 2008, we dispatched the first one student in September 2009, and by January 2019, a total of 24 students have been interned and received a good evaluation.

Cooperation with UN

Participation in
UN Academic Impact

UNAI is a global campaign for universities around the world to address poverty, health and environmental issues around the world. It is an international movement led by the United Nations that links the world's leading institutions of higher education and international organizations. Since 2009, Handong Global University has been participating as a member university and has been striving to promote human rights literacy, sustainable development, and dispute resolution.

Cooperation with Hebrew University, Israel

We have established a local center for the Handong University in Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Hebrew University is a prestigious university that has produced a lot of Nobel Prize winners. Recently, it has attracted
world-wide attention by producing a lot of high value-added companies through entrepreneurship education. Handong University has established a local center and dispatches faculty members and students to carry out
various exchanges.

Cooperation with the Handong Entrepreneurship Glocal Center

Handong Global University has established a Handong Entrepreneurship Glocal Center in the field to continuously maintain and activate the Global Entrepreneurship Training (GET) program. We are helping to educate entrepreneurship in developing countries and establish conditions to operate our own programs through the Handong Entrepreneurship Glocal Center. We have opened a total of 3 Handong Entrepreneurship Glocal Centers; the Nairobi Center in Kenya in 2010, the Accra Center in Ghana in 2013, and the Catholic University Center in Areca, Peru in 2018.

Cooperation with UNITWIN universities in developing countries

Handong Global University, designated as the first Korean UNITWIN host-university in 2007, established a network
with 62 universities and 16 institutions in 30 countries as of January 2019, providing various exchanges such as the implementation of educational ODA programs and holding conferences. Through cooperation with universities around the world, Handong Global University enacts and implements development directions and strategies for sustainable development and capacity building in developing countries. Each year, about 50 professors and experts and about 150 students are participating to devote to strengthening the capabilities of developing countries.

Cooperation with KOICA

KOICA Handong University long-term master's degree course

Handong Global University is selected the KOICA consignment training institute and has a master's degree training program for excellent public officers and public institution employees in developing countries. Handong Global University is preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution together with educational programs for entrepreneurial education and Electronics and ICT Convergence Technology education with the aim of cultivating human resources for developing public officers with social innovation capacity.


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